We Are

Advanced Apparel Co., Ltd. is a full-service workwear and PPE woven products manufacturer established in 1992.

Today our company owns 3 factories in Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand and we operate 9 sourcing, procurement and quality control offices across Asia, 3 of which are in China.

Our Asian HQ is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We employ 1,250 staff across Asia and our main export market is EU.

Covid-19 virus

As the Covid-19 virus spread from China to Europe we experienced a sharp increase in the order volume for disposable non-woven PPE products such as Medical Gowns, Isolation Coveralls, Surgical Gowns, Face Masks, Hospital Aprons, Nitrile and Latex Gloves etc. All disposable PPE products are manufactured in our affiliated factories in China and Thailand and even due to a heavy spike in demand for PPE products our clients have all enjoyed a stable supply and we have successfully executed all orders in a sometimes chaotic market.

Due to our strong supply chain in Asia our company has been appointed official supplier of medical PPE products to Government and Government hospitals in EU.

During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and in the years to come Logonet Group will expand our manufacturing and supply base of PPE products where our clients can benefit from our on-time manufacturing, strong presence in Asia, competitive pricing, certification assurances and on-site quality control.